Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cigar Accessories You Must Have

Accessories, accessories. Every hobby has them, and cigar smoking is no exception to that rule. And to be fair, to fully enjoy your cigar smoking experience, having the proper cigar accessories can help enhance that experience.

How, you might ask? Well consider not having the correct cigar cutter. On the old spaghetti westerns you saw Clint Eastwood biting off the cap of his cigar before he lit up. Must not have had the right cigar accessories, or else he was smoking a dime-store cigar. Never bit the cap off of a cigar. You could make the wrapper unravel, you could damage the binder, or filler tobacco, and besides, that just isn't the way to treat an expensive cigar. The first cigar accessory that you need to purchase is a cigar cutter. And there are many to choose from.

The first kind of cutter is the single blade guillotine.

This cutter is pretty inexpensive and does the job well. Of course you can get as fancy with cigar accessories as you want to, and spend crazy amounts of money. But the way you pick your cigar accessories is up to you.

In the same vein as the single blade cutter, is the double blade and cigar scissors. They all make the same kind of cuts and again, you can spend your money on accessories, your you can spend your money on cigars. The choice is completely up to you. Here are examples of the double blade, and the scissor cutters:

The last cutter that I am going to talk about is the wedge cutter. This is my personal favorite as it just looks so freaking cool. I don't own one, but my tobacconist does and I make sure that when I go there to pick up my latest batch of cigars to get the one I am going to be smoking on the way home cut by his wedge cutter.

But if all fails, and you haven't gotten out to start purchasing your cigar accessories, you can always just punch a hole in the cap of your cigar prior to lighting it up. This isn't the best way because tar could collect around the hole and change the taste of your cigar, but it does beat chewing the cap off.

So, enough about cutters. I will be back later this week to talk some more about cigar accessories that you just have to have.


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