Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cigar Accessories - A Humidor is Worth its Weight in Cigars

Cigar humidors go with cigars like salt and pepper. Each one dependant on the the other, and each one enhancing the other.

Cigars need to be kept at a constant humidity of 70% to maintain their taste and their smokability. Humidors are what does that for you. If you smoke cigars, one of the cigar accessories you must have it a humidor.

Humidors come with a couple of humidification styles. Passive, or active. Sounds simple, doesn't it? It really is, as long as you take this seriously. The passive style of humidor has a reservoir where you add distilled water. Once you fill the reservoir, you put it back in your humidor, close the lid and go away. The work comes as you need to check your humidity, and how moist the reservoir is weekly. If you don't check it and it dries out, so do your cigars. And no one wants that.

The active style of humidor is usually electric. You fill a tank with distilled water, plug it in and walk away. You still need to check your water level regularly, but this style of humidor usually has a warning device to let you know when your water level is getting too low.

Once you decide which style is best your you, then you have to look at how you want your humidor to look. And there are hundreds of different sizes, colors, and models out there for you to choose from. Some humidors are built to be pieces of furniture such as coffee tables, and armoires. You can even buy a humidor from any of the cigar dealers on line that come with cigars already in them. And who doesn't like a deal like that?

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